Will You Retouch My Photos?

This is a question we’re often asked and is something which has been highlighted in the media many times with some horrid examples. Many of us have got something about ourselves that makes us feel uncomfortable, things we wouldn’t want to be featured in a prominent way in our portraits.

Self Conscious
We can all be self-conscious of certain areas of ourselves, a double chin, a few pounds overweight, acne or annoying spot, wrinkles or dark shadows under the eyes, are just a few of the areas of concern. All can be dealt with using professional software and retouching skills which can change the colour of  skin, give a nip and tuck to the body or just simply remove blemishes to give you perfect complexion. This is not the same as many are doing with apps on their phone. Our retouching is to a high professional standard so will look natural.

“The natural way…”

Our process begins with guiding you on what to wear and a few other preparation tips so that when it comes to the session we already start from a good place.

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All our portraits are taken in flattering lighting and camera angles so you’re looking good right from the start. Our cameras record in a raw format with settings which capture all tones with detail reaching right into the highlights and shadows. Initially, as a consequence of this, the images straight out of the camera are slightly dull and flat. But that’s fine as our next step of editing puts our ‘signature look’ to portraits and establishes vibrant colour and contrast in the images.

Edit Process
We have several levels of edit, for families we would do a light retouch for spots, wrinkles etc. Digital photography highlights redness in skin, particularly with men so our process gives a more natural and pleasing rendition of everyone.

Beauty Retouch
Taking it a step further, for beauty or boudoir makeovers a more refined hi-end approach is applied with complexion smoothing which is as natural as and retains the texture of the skin. Attention under eyes, with sculpting any lumps and bumps. Skilled retouching is all about bringing the best out in everyone, keeping everything realistic and natural-looking.

“How to look Amazing…”

Rest assured all will be done in the most natural way, our intention is to enhance your appearance not alter it.

Discuss Concerns
Any concerns you may have can be discussed before your shoot or at your ordering session where specific retouching can be discussed if required.

Final Choice
Of course if you’re happy with the way you look and prefer your images to be completely natural you have that choice as well.

Find out more about preparing for your session.