Maternity photoshoot at Herne Bay Kent

Why You Should Have a Maternity Photoshoot

Life Changing Experience

Whether this is your first pregnancy or one of many, it’s a one-time opportunity worth documenting with a Maternity Photoshoot. Your maternity and the arrival of your new-born will be a life-changing experience. It introduces you to the warmth and affection of motherhood. It is said that during your pregnancy, you form a strong maternal bond with your baby. This changes your perspective on life, and you learn to develop empathy and a maternal instinct.

Your nine challenging months of pregnancy can feel like a series of highs and lows. You get that natural glow on your skin and enjoy the care and attention. But it comes with a few problems as well. Swollen feet, backaches, and frequent nausea can leave you exhausted. And while you may be unaware of your mood swings, others around you will be trying their best to keep up with it. We understand that with all the emotional and physical upheaval, it may never seem like the right time for a maternity photoshoot, but you will not be pregnant forever. Your time during pregnancy will pass quickly, and when you look back on this beautiful phase in your life, you will only be left with regret for missing out on your maternity photoshoot at Herne Bay Kent.

Here are the top 3 reasons for investing in a maternity photoshoot at Herne Bay Kent.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy

You are the reason a new life is being born into this world. You are doing something which is no less than a miracle. Your body, mind and soul are changing in ways that you had never imagined. It is an amazing moment in your life and one that is worth celebrating. You are the reason for joy for many. Just look around you. Your parents, partner, children, friends… everyone has something to hope for. Everyone has something to celebrate. So, why not start with you?

Celebrate this beautiful moment in your life by having your maternity photographs captured by professionals. A day where you get to dress up and look your best. Just Google a few maternity photoshoots to get an idea. Don’t the women in them look heavenly? You could look just as beautiful with your baby bump if you decide to sign up for your maternity photoshoot at Herne Bay Kent.


Document Your Journey

You have come a long way in life. Just look back at your old childhood photographs. That was you! An adorable baby cuddled in her mother’s arms. Today, you are about to give birth to your own baby. Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? So many hurdles that you had to cross to get here. So many milestones that you reached before you could reach this life-altering one. It is a journey worth documenting. It is a photograph worth capturing. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and just like every chapter has the first page and a title written in bold, a maternity photoshoot marks the beginning of your motherhood.


Bond as A Family

Your family will soon welcome a new member. Everyone in the family can feel this momentous change in their lives. During these 9 months, you will observe mixed emotions from all your family members. Your husband is excited about his first son but also worried about the expenses. Your daughter is delighted at the thought of being a big sister but is not looking forward to sharing her toys. And while these mixed emotions will continue to grip your family until the baby arrives, the maternity photoshoot can be the perfect excuse to embrace this new change and bond as a family.  Including partner and siblings in the maternity photoshoot allows the family to acknowledge that from this day onwards, there will always be another person in the family photographs.



Why Choose Us?

Here, at Style Photography at Herne Bay Kent, we have mastered the art of capturing intimate and life-changing moments. Our award-winning photographers are skilled in showcasing human emotions through our creatively taking photographs. We offer customised packages for maternity photography at Herne Bay Kent.

So, let the world know what a great feat you are about to achieve in the next few months by booking your ‘Bump to Baby’ maternity photoshoot at Herne Bay Kent.

Like the idea of a Maternity Photoshoot?

As a new or expecting parent, you’ll know that every moment with your newborn is precious and fleeting.

That’s why capturing those early moments is so important. And that’s where I come in.

As professional newborn photographers, we specialise in capturing the beauty and innocence of your newborn in stunning, timeless photographs that you will treasure forever.

Our sessions are designed to be relaxed and stress-free, so you and your baby can feel comfortable and at ease. I work with light to create soft, warm images that highlight your baby’s delicate features and sweet expressions. I also offer a variety of props, wraps, and backdrops to add texture and depth to your images.

Find out more about our maternity and newborn sessions.