Newborn photography at Herne Bay, Kent

Why a Newborn Photo Session Is So Important

As a new parent arranging a Newborn Photo Session should be top of your list to capture priceless memories of your baby’s early days
Your baby’s first cry makes you tear with joy, and as you bring him or her closer to your chest, and those tiny little hands clutch your finger for comfort, you feel a passion so deep and warm that compared to this love, all other kinds of love start to seem insignificant.


Your newborn baby becomes the centre of your world. Your days and nights are dedicated to care and nurturing. Your baby is an extension of you. Your life, your flesh, and blood. And from this day onwards, you will always be a mother first, and all the other relations that the world has tagged on you will follow after.

It is a life-altering moment indeed. So much can happen in the first few days of your delivery that you can easily lose track of time. Before you even get the time to reflect on all that is going on, your child will grow from a newborn to an infant and from an infant to a toddler. Time will pass you by in a flash, and when you finally get the time to sit back and reflect, it will all seem like a flash.

Capture The Moment

But you can easily avoid missing this opportunity by booking a session for newborn photography at Herne Bay, Kent. The in-studio newborn photo sessions are designed to capture intimate moments of your baby’s with carefully selected props, backgrounds, textures and colours, making it look like a work of art. After all, your baby is a miracle work of art, and YOU made it happen.

So, here are the top 3 reasons why you must seek the services of specialist professional newborn photographers at Herne Bay, Kent, for your newborn’s photo session.

1.   Celebrating the Birth of Your Newborn

After 9 months of anxiety, mood swings, uncontrollable sobbing, nausea, hunger pangs, sleepless nights, frequent peeing, swollen ankles, and lots of anticipation, your baby has finally arrived to make it’s mark on the world. It is a moment worth celebrating. An occasion so joyous that the whole hospital, neighbourhood, office, and your friends and extended family is congratulating you.

A newborn photo session will allow you to dedicate a day to celebrate the birth of your newborn baby. On this day, you can be the fairy queen, the proud mother who has delivered the world a precious gift, and your baby can be the angel that the world has been waiting for. So, pick the best outfits for yourself and your baby and let the expert newborn photographers at Herne Bay, Kent click away!

2.   Creating Time for Reflection

You barely have time for reflection when it comes to taking care of a newborn. You want the time to stop so that you can have a good look at your baby and marvel at the wonder that’s placed on your lap.

Arranging a newborn photo session at an in-studio photography service gives you the time to relax and pause for reflection while the experts go to work. It allows you to gaze at and document the marvel that was created out of your flesh and blood. Your baby will not remain this small and innocent forever. These few weeks are all you have to cherish this glorious sight, capture your baby’s beauty in a camera lens, and preserve it forever with photography.

3.   Letting the World Know

While we are not suggesting that you throw an impressive party with 200 guests and introduce your baby the way Simba was first introduced to the animals in Lion King, a newborn photo session will do the trick. It will be artistic photographs which you would never be able to do yourself of your newborn sleeping peacefully in his cocoon, taken by professional newborn photographers at Herne Bay, Kent. You can use these photographs to let the world know that you have successfully joined the new mother’s squad and are enjoying every single second of maternal bliss.

Newborn Photo Session at Style Photography

Here at Style Photography, we have a team of award-winning specialist newborn baby photographers that have more than 20 years of experience in capturing intimate and life-changing moments. Our expert photographers know how to make you feel relaxed, and able to watch the experts go to work in a safe and comforting environment.

So, book a session for newborn photography at Herne Bay, Kent, with us and capture your baby’s first look in time. Photographs that can become an adorable keepsake for years to come.