Stunning Makeover Album from Miss Herne Bay Anya Wright

Have you ever wondered what goes into a makeover photoshoot? 

Let me take you through the process of a makeover photoshoot with Miss Herne Bay 2019, Anya.

First, preparation is key. Anya and I discussed the overall look and theme she wanted for the shoot. We went through her wardrobe and picked out outfits that matched the theme. We also talked about what kind of makeup and hair styling would complement the outfits and Anya’s features.

On the day of the shoot, we started with hair and makeup. Anya’s hair was styled in loose waves, and her makeup was done to enhance her natural beauty. We went for a soft and natural look with a pop of color on the lips to match the outfit.

Once hair and makeup were done, we moved on to the photoshoot. Anya was a natural in front of the camera, and we got some stunning shots. We experimented with different poses and lighting to capture the perfect shot.

After the photoshoot, we selected the best images for Anya to choose from. We went through them together, and Anya picked out her favorites. From there, we moved on to the album design. We selected the images that would be included in the album and created a layout that showcased them in the best way possible.

Finally, it was time for the delivery of the album. Anya was thrilled with the final product, and I was happy to have been a part of the process.

In conclusion, a makeover photoshoot is a collaborative process that involves careful preparation, skilled styling, and an eye for capturing the perfect shot. With the right team and a little creativity, anyone can look and feel like a star.


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