Thinking of booking a professional Kent newborn baby photography session?


All you need to know about Newborn Photography

If your expecting a baby in the near future it’ll come as no surprise to be told that all Kent newborn baby photography is beautiful.  If you want portraits of your newborn that are special then relying on a point & shoot camera or smartphone probably won’t do. Virtually all of the good newborn photos you have seen online or in magazines have been taken by professional newborn baby photographers. Furthermore, the best Newborn photographers use special props , lighting, backgrounds, also complimentary colours and textures which combine to stunning effect.

The Right Choice

Newborn Art photo shoots have become increasingly popular with new parents. But choosing a professional photographer has some difficulties.. Importantly, not every photographer has the experience or specialist skills necessary to do newborn shoots. So you should consider carefully when choosing the right photographer to trust with your precious baby.


Your photographer should be fully trained in baby safety and the use of the correct techniques. Choose a photographer who specialises in Newborn Art photography, one that can soothe and comfort your baby. Then you should get the amazing results your after and safely as well.

When should you book?

The ideal time to schedule Kent  newborn baby photography photo shoot is 6-12 days after birth. Although we’ve managed up to 25 days without to many issues. Many popular newborn photographers release advance dates and take pre-bookings.  Many put a limit on sessions so they are able to manage early or late arrivals. If you are someone that likes to have everything organised in advance as soon as you know your due date you need to have a chat with your chosen photographer. Then get your date pre-booked if it’s still available.

Your should also be aware that a Newborn Art Session usually last 3-4 hours. A lot of this time will be spent soothing, feeding and changing with periods in-between to capture  photos. Whilst each photographer will be different our studio is looking to create 20-30 different high quality images from a session.

The room where the photos are taken needs to be very warm for baby’s comfort. You should be aware of that when deciding what to wear yourself and also take plenty of fluids to drink.

Post Production

Newborn photographers utilise post production editing techniques. Often to combine separate images together and make baby look like they are balanced on a shelf or some other precarious situation. Rest assured it’s all perfectly safe, and not how it seems.

Unique Style

The best photographers have a unique style which is instantly recognisable. This comes from the carefully sourced props and backgrounds used, and their distinctive editing which puts their individual stamp on the final look.

Your Timeline

20-30 weeks Choose photographer
32-36 weeks Maternity session (optional)
0 days Due Date
6-12 days Newborn Art session

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