Headshots & Personal Branding

Looking for Headshots or Personal Branding photography in Kent?
Are you are a businesses, entrepreneur or professional located in Herne Bay, Canterbury, Whitstable or throughout Kent?


Your Best Look

Creating the best possible personal brand images is one of the most important steps you can make in your business or career.
How you as an entrepreneur relate to potential clients of your business and how they perceive you is vitally important.

Our sessions for business professionals will lead you through the process of creating headshots and personal branding images for your website or brochure which portray you in the best way possible.

Your Pillars of  Success

Before you even meet your clients the 3 pillars of success, know, like and trust should be in place. Only when these fundamental pillars are in place will you be a professional or business that clients want to work with. Without these pillars your are just another sales pitch and will be dismissed like most of the other noise that we have to endure.

Reinforce Your Brand

Even those that  are camera phobic can be guided to establish a look which is professional, approachable, authentic, credible and ultimately builds trust. 
Every element of your visual presentation should be considered, from what your wearing, grooming, colour, how you come over with expression, what other elements are included to reinforce your brand and add to the visual story.

Invest In Success

Your Personal Brand is an investment in your future success and the image you want to build round your name which is engaging, adds authenticity plus represents your business with quality and style.

Now, let me ask you something. 

Does the thought of having your photo
taken leave you like this guy?

Investing in your business has never been simplier, whatever your requirements, we have you covered.
With packages from as little as £95 there’s no reason to delay.
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