Importance of Family in 2021

family posing for a family portrait

Gloomy and mundane. That’s what most of this year has been. With the breakout of the Coronavirus pandemic, our social lives have been reduced to virtual communications and work life has spiraled out of control to often include more than 12 hours of work shift.

But is this all there is to this year or will we be able to look back and remember this year as the one which made us realise the importance of having a family, social connections, a home, a stable income, a reason to laugh, smile and share joy?

While this pandemic may have confined us to our homes, it has certainly increased our appreciation for the little pleasures in life. And no pleasure is fully enjoyed if it is not shared with the ones we love.

In 2020, we are realising the importance of family more than we ever have. We now understand that families stick with us through thick and thin. They are our safety net. They keep us grounded, protected and vitalised when the world outside seems dark and dreary.
Family units are what we open our eyes to, and families are the one that are by our side as we close our eyes eternally.

Let’s rewind to the first few weeks of lockdown.

Remember how you brought out those old board games from the attic to play with your family? And if you are someone who got stuck in a different city, away from your family, do you remember how alone you felt, with no one to talk to or share your feelings with?

That was the moment we all understood the importance of family and creating memories with our dear ones that we will forever hold in our hearts.
This year, unfortunately, many of us lost our family members, and as we laid them to rest, we were struck with this strange thought of not being able to take enough photographs with them. Now after all these years, that first birthday bash of your little sister or the day of your father’s retirement seem like a distant memory.


You tried conjuring those images from the depths of your mind, but it all seems blurry. You cannot remember if your sister wore a pink dress, or was it red? You cannot remember if your great Aunt Helda was present for your dad’s retirement dinner, or was she away for vacation in Northampton?
Wouldn’t it have been nice if a photograph was taken at every single one of those events to preserve those memories in pixels? Details so elaborately captured that one look could take you back to that exact time and place.

But all is not lost.

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Always remember, life is short so don’t pile it up with regrets.