Do's and Don'ts Preparing for a Family Portrait

A family posing for a family portrait

Lizzy: Mommy I can’t find my other red shoe!
(Stands at the stairway with her left red shoe in her right hand)
Billy: Move Lizzy! I haven’t combed my hair yet
(Rushes past his sister to enter his room upstairs)
Little Emily: Daddy! Can I take Teddy with me?
(Prances around the living room in her new laced frock, while holding Teddy in her arms)

Ahhh! The classic last-minute dash as your family departs for a photo session. Always forgetting something, always unprepared.

We all want our family portraits to be perfect. But it is so difficult to get the best click when there are so many things consider. Girls fret about their hair, makeup, dresses, and shoes while boys try to master the perfect smile, the perfect expression, the perfect pose.

And even when everything is arranged and perfectly synchronized, it is the mom and dad who mess it up. Dad closes his eyes when the camera flashes and mom gives her a lopsided smile which now looks more like a smirk… everything is ruined! Once again you are stuck with an ugly family portrait.

To save yourself from all the last-minute rush and prevent your family from being featured on the worst family photograph of the year, here are a few dos and don’ts that you should consider while preparing for a portrait by family photographers at Herne Bay, Kent.

⦁ Make sure that your hair, nails, and makeup are done at least an hour before the photo session.
⦁ Wash and iron your best clothes the night before the photo shoot.
⦁ Match and organise all your accessories, like ties, shoes, jewelry, handbags and keep them neatly alongside your dress.
⦁ Practice your best smile, best laugh, and best poses in front of a mirror.
⦁ Ask people to help you identify your best side and inform your photographer so that he positions you with your best side facing the camera.
⦁ Make sure you have booked an appointment with the studio at least 2 weeks in advance.
⦁ Arrange for reliable transport if you are traveling to the studio by public transport.
⦁ If traveling by your car, always leave early and give yourself a margin of 30 mins in case you find traffic on the road.
⦁ Always carry an extra set of clothes in case you spoil the ones you are wearing.

⦁ Never go to the photography studio without an appointment.
⦁ Do not go if you or one of your family members is feeling unwell. You can always cancel the appointment and book for a later date.
⦁ Do not wake up your infant from sleep for the photo to be taken.
⦁ Do not apply products or makeup that will make your tear up and cause irritation.
⦁ Do not wear clothes that are uncomfortable.
⦁ Do not eat anything that will stain your teeth and tongue.
And last but the most important Don’t in the list of Don’ts…
Please do not fight with your family members right before the photo shoot because as hard as you may try, you will not be able to bring that genuine smile and pleasure to your face if you are in a bad mood.
So, act natural, enjoy the moment, and let us click the perfect family portrait for you.

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